Windows Vista is the sixth version for the Microsoft Windows control system family. Windows Vista was initially marketed to OEM manufacturers on November 8, 2006 for business users, and January 30, 2007 for home users and launched by Microsoft for the Malaysian market on February 8, 2007.

the launch of Windows Vista is more than five years since the launch of Windows XP on October 25, 2001. Windows Vista has a beautiful, sleek and up-to-date interface, known as Aero. During its development rank, Windows Vista was identified by its code name, Longhorn, so that it obtained its official name on July 22, 2005. Windows Vista output was visited more than five years after its introduction, Windows XP, being the longest tempo between two Microsoft Windows releases.

Windows Vista provides many negative estimates. PC World has stunned # 1 of “15 disappointing technologies of 2007,” saying that many users like to depend on XP, when others that have improved have dropped. “Criticism of Windows Vista includes an extended development period, the most limited terms of acquisition, revenue New Digital Rights Management technology aims to seal the copy of protected digital media, the lack of material guides for anything, and users of other new features such as User Account Control.

Windows Vista was indeed declared to have more robust security compared to previous versions, by introducing a limited user mode, called User Account Control (UAC), to replace the “administrator-by-default” philosophy imposed on Windows XP . Windows Vista also introduces a much more “attractive” graphics feature, called Windows Aero GUI, new applications (such as Windows Calendar, Windows DVD Maker and several new games including Chess Titans, Mahjong, and Purble Place).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows Vista


  1. Higher color depth, making the GUI (Graphic user Interface) more beautiful.
  2. Can read RAM up to 16 GB (depending on the car).
  3. Supports direct X 10, making game movements and graphics smoother and a bit more realistic even with the same VGA.
  4. Faster in running programs (when using large memory because the system in vista is updated with an efficient algorithm in running applications).
  5. Supports virtualization of hard disk partitions.
  6. Many new features that did not exist in the previous version.
  7. Built-in Support Option which gives more freedom to the user.
  8. Easier file search mode / live search.
  9. A better level of security.
  10. New experience exploring PCs with sophisticated 3D models thanks to AERO.
  11. Safer and easier to access.
  12. Video can be a wallpaper.
  13. Improvements and additions to more sophisticated features such as Clear, Confident and Connected.

Deficiency :

  1. Requires a large virtual memory, usually can be used on computers with a fairly high spec. This is because the source code size is too large so that it takes up a lot of PC memory space. This can also cause slow performance.
  2. There are a number of applications that aren’t yet supported.
  3. Too many series variants that might confuse users.