Microsoft Windows 2.0

Microsoft Windows 2.0 is the second generation of operating system based on Graphical User Interface (GUI). which was released on December 9, 1987 due to lack of success of the previous version due to lack of supporting applications.

Windows 2.0 supports the use of graphics cards with VGA (Video Graphics Array) specifications, so that it displays image resolutions up to 640 x 480 at 4 bit color depth (16 colors). In addition, Windows 2.0 has supported the use of Intel 80286 processors which are the first processors with the ability to protect memory areas.

When Intel released the Intel 80386 processor which has protected mode capability and can also return to real mode, Microsoft also launched Windows 2.03 for Intel 386 to support it. This version can run many DOS programs in its MS-DOS Prompt.

Because of these features, many developers outside Microsoft develop software that supports Windows 2.0, such as Corel Draw and Adobe Page Maker. After that Microsoft also released an application for Windows, Microsof Office and Microsof Exel

Windows 2.0 Page Maker

Windows 2.0 Corel Draw

Windows 2.0 Microsoft Word

Windows 2.0 Microsoft Excel

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